Upper Deck is a class of Year 3 and 4 students.

Learning in Upper Deck focuses on a variety of interests and skills across the curriculum. Mornings in Upper Deck include a variety of literacy activities including handwriting, phonics, and enjoying reading and writing, as well as numeracy activities focused on problem solving, strengthening number skills and developing mathematical thinking. In the afternoons, we enjoy a variety of art and topic learning throughout the week. Topic time at this level is a mixture of Play Based learning and Inquiry Learning, as children begin to guide their learning through asking ‘wonderings’ and questions about the topic we are learning.

Fridays are a little different, as we focus on sharing learning and usually have an art or music activity throughout the day. We also have Kapa Haka on a Friday afternoon and usually end the day with an outdoor game or some free time that the class earns throughout the week.

Years 3 and 4 are great years to build independence in a child’s learning and develop thinking and problem solving skills. A lot of our learning at this level focuses on building these skills. We enjoy thinking about ourselves as learners and knowing how we learn best, as well as developing group work skills.

Upper Deck students are creative and enjoy sharing their learning with each other and celebrating each other too!

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