The Long Boat is in a class of its own this year. Jenny Foote as Deputy Principal is using the Long Boat as her base for 2022. In her new role as release teacher Jenny will be teaching most classes within this space throughout the term. Groups from Upper Bridge will use the space for Literacy and Numeracy programmes Monday to Thursday from 9am to 12pm. Other classes will work in The Long Boat on various programmes including Art, Science and Technology. Teaching programmes are varied and exciting, capturing the interests of the children across the school and stretching their thinking.

On Fridays the Long Boat is home to Lower Bridge, as Miss Maz is working 4 days this year. Jenny and Maz are working closely to provide a full and rich programme of learning experiences for this class of Year 5 & 6 students. The Friday programme comprises activities from the Health curriculum with a focus on developing a positive Self Esteem. We will work on an aspect of English including Poetry and in the afternoons develop a better understanding of the musical elements and performance from the Kaboom Percussion arrangements. These involve Body Percussion, Buckets and Drumsticks.

Year 5 and 6 is a great year to develop leadership skills and children in the Lower Bridge will be encouraged to  rise to the occasion. Year 6 is the first year they can stand for House Leader and they take this seriously, writing their convincing campaign speeches and working on delivery of these to convince their House to elect them. It is  lovely  to see our crew stepping up and showing us the leaders they will become as they move onto their final primary years. We love teaching Year 5 & 6  students, as you are able to sow seeds of possibility and let their minds explore the many opportunities presented.

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