The Long Boat is a class of Year 6 students. Teaching programmes are varied and exciting, capturing the interests of the children in the Long Boat and stretching their thinking.

We take an integrated approach to planning the term in The Long Boat and actively make the connections across the curriculum evident. 

Mornings in TLB revolve around Literacy and Numeracy with many opportunities for the children to work independently and in groups. A feature of our Numeracy programme is the Maths Cafe with its menu of activities and a smorgasbord of options to develop our understanding of the maths we are exploring.

Afternoons in the Long Boat are times we work on aspects of the current Inquiry topic through a vast range of activities. We like to use the local environment and people within it wherever possible and it is not uncommon to see the Long Boat walking along Oriental Parade to fly the kites they have designed or to Te Papa to view one of their many exhibits related to our inquiry.

Children in Year 6 are encouraged to set SMART goals  for their learning and work towards achieving them by identifying the next steps in their learning and seeking help from their peers, teachers and whanau. 

Year 6 is a great year to develop leadership skills and children in the Long Boat rise to the occasion. It is the first year they can stand for House Leader and they take this seriously, writing their convincing campaign speeches and working on delivery of these to convince their House to elect them. I love to see our Long Boat crew stepping up and showing us the leaders they will become as they move onto their final primary years.

We love teaching The Long Boat students, as you are able to sow seeds of possibility and let their minds explore the many opportunities presented.

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