The Roseneath School Board is comprised of 5 elected members, a staff representative, the Principal and such co-opted members as the Board sees necessary.

  • Approving all expenditure;
  • formulating and adopting policies under which the school will be managed;
  • approving the appointment of all permanent teaching staff; and
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the service provided by the school.

The Board usually meets on the second Monday of the month. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend, but may be asked to leave if the Board has to move into Committee.

David Cooling

Presiding Member (Chair)
David can be contacted on: 021 524 784 or email.

Adelle Broadmore

Adelle is the Principal of Roseneath School. Contact Adelle.

Anne Crewdson

Anne is the elected staff trustee.
Contact Anne.

Lizzy Dixon

Lizzy can be contacted at email.

Kate Harrison

Member. Contact Kate.

Matt Langworthy

Property. Contact Matt.

Airihi Mahuika

Member. Contact Airihi.

Andrew Thomson

Andrew can be contacted at 021 662 775 or email.