Our History

Roseneath School was established on Point Jerningham in 1898.

It has been said that at one time the land had been the site of Te Wai Hirere – a stockaded village of Ngai Tara. Te Wai Hirere means “the gushing water”.

Heavy rain had occurred while the Pa was being constructed and a flood swept over the site causing temporary havoc.

The first school building was destroyed by fire on the 29th of May 1926. In the 1930’s the Roseneath School Roll grew to over 300 and a Roseneath Side School was set up in Hataitai.

The school was remodeled in 1978 and again in 1999 when a second story was added to accommodate the growing roll.

Roseneath 1925
Opening of Roseneath School gates by R Semple, 7 December 1929

ERO Report

An ERO review looks at how an early learning service or school reaches positive learning outcomes – knowledge, skills, attitude and habits – for all children and young people. We’re interested in what’s working well and where improvements can be made.

The review process works with an early learning service or school’s own evaluation processes. It also supports a culture of ongoing improvement.

Roseneath School provides a nurturing atmosphere for children and parents alike. We encourage parents to become involved in the many activities that happen at the school.

Our place is your place.

We encourage independence and thinking outside the square as well as pursuits in the arts and music.

The school band performs regularly at school assemblies, various school performance shows, and school fundraisers.

Our Special Programmes form an integral part of the teaching and learning activities.

ERO put it this way…

…A diverse range of special programmes is offered, covering the arts, economics and social organisation of modern society, te reo Maori, Japanese, German, extension English and mathematics, sport and personal development courses. This ensures a balanced basis for extending student world views.

Special Programmes form an integral and inclusive part of the teaching and learning activities. They offer all students opportunities to further develop academic, cultural, sporting and social skills and facilitate positive interactions between students at all levels.

Roseneath School ERO Report 2017

Our programmes include the following:

Primary Enterprise Programme (PrEP)

PrEP is a programme where the children create a market society. They set up businesses to make products which they market and sell. They have a government, a bank (with Roseneath currency) and a warehouse which sells raw materials. PrEP runs during terms 2.

Japanese language and culture

Each Thursday, our Japanese teacher Tomoko Burden becomes part of our staff and teaches basic language skills and Japanese culture.

Tikanga Maori

Every student at Roseneath School works regularly with Tikanga Maori tutors. Students learn about Maori culture, and learn waiata and dance.

We are also open to expressing aspects of other cultures of students at Roseneath School through song and dance.

School choir

Taken by teacher Maria Malone. It is open to students Yr2-Yr8 and performs for school visits, school productions, and assemblies.

The City Trust licence

This senior programme encourages senior students to develop initiative and independence as they visit sites of interest outside our school.


Roseneath students take part in the interschool Artsplash festival. Our students participate in the Wearable Arts, Choir, Visual Art and Dance sections.

House teams

All students are members of a house team. These teams encourage friendships between younger and older students and house competitions add an extra focus to many school activities.

Roseneath School encourages its pupils and parents to become actively involved in extra-curricular sports teams and where possible promotes playing for the school teams.

NETBALL – We have 2 teams, a senior and a junior team, which play on a Saturday as part of the Motu Kairangi competition.

BASKETBALL – is very popular across the school and we can have 5 to 6 teams participating in after school competitions at the ASB Centre.

FLOORBALL – is also a popular sport played at the ASB Centre.

We have students participating in a variety of weekend club sports teams in football, hockey, rugby, cricket and tennis etc. Many of our younger footballers play for Miramar Rangers.

In term time our year 5 to 8 students regularly take part in inter-school sports tournaments. These include football, cross country, athletics, kiwi cricket and basketball.

All students Year 1 to Year 8 participate in school athletics, tabloids, cross-country, Jump Jam and water skills.

Year 5 and 6 and Year 7 and 8 take part in annual camps during Term 4. Activities at these camps often include kayaking, abseiling, rafting (seniors), tramping, horse riding and confidence course activities.

Roseneath School provides a nurturing, child-friendly environment where students feel safe, supported and secure.  Opportunities are provided for students that promote a sense of self-value and worth.  Students generally interact positively with each other with senior students taking a leadership role in actively encouraging this through programmes such as Houses – tuakana/teina programmes.

Leadership opportunities are also provided in Physical Education with senior students running tabloid games for junior students.  All students are provided with a variety of opportunities to participate in activities of a competitive nature and those necessary to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education Curriculum

The following key areas are also identified in the curriculum document.  They may be included in the two yearly cycle of Health teaching.  Each key learning area has aspects that may be taught at all year levels.

Key Area of LearningClarification and Possible Programme Content
Physical ActivityOpportunities to develop:
- Movement skills in a range of areas
- Cultural practices in physical activity
- Their own attitudes and behaviours in physical activity settings
Sports StudiesOpportunities to develop:
- Skills for participating in diverse sporting roles
- Skills to manage competitive and cooperative environments
Outdoor EducationOpportunities to experience:
- Adventure activities and outdoor pursuits that focus on physical skill development, fun and enjoyment