Lower Deck is the Year 2 class. Ms Malone loves teaching the six and seven year olds.

In Lower Deck we love Discovery Time (Play-based learning) which is how we usually start our day. We can choose what we would like to play or create. We often set up a role play experience, like a shop, or cafe. Through role play we learn to negotiate, and think about real life contexts. We think about the different jobs people have, and we can re-enact situations we’ve been in.

Discovery Time is a great time to practise some of our school values:

  • We are kind and respectful,
  • We are curious and creative, and
  • We believe in ourselves.

It is a time in which children can develop and grow positive social and emotional skills.

For the majority of our week, we have fun learning reading, writing, maths, phonics, and handwriting. We also love learning Te Reo Maori, music, art, mindfulness, fitness, Kapa Haka and various topics about our world. 

There is definitely not enough time in every day to explore all of our ideas and inspirations, or enough time to read all the books we would like to, but we have fun trying!

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