The role of the “Friends”

Roseneath School is Decile 10. This means, in general terms, that the Ministry of Education funds the core infrastructure and operations of the school, but that funding is limited: there is an expectation that there will be a higher level of community support through voluntary fees and through fundraising than there would be at lower decile schools.

We are also a small school of about 120 children. This necessarily means that providing top quality facilities for our children is more challenging on a per-head basis. However, the population size of our school is something that most of us would see as a positive – an intimate, caring environment in which our children can shine as individuals.

The school fees we pay each year together with the monies raised through Friends go towards items that are not directly funded by the Ministry. In recent years, most of our fundraising efforts were focused towards building our beautiful new library which opened in 2009. In 2010, our fundraising target was replacing and extending our reading resources. From 2011, there has been an extensive review of our ICT resources which were in need of an overhaul, and Friends will be fundraising to enable the Board to implement the results of that review.

Friends is currently a small committee – many of our parents from the older classes stepped down at the start of the year after putting in a great deal of effort over a number of years. We have a core group of hard-working committee members mainly from the junior classes, and there is always room for more hands on deck.  Even if you do not wish to be a full committee member, please feel free to register as a Friend of Friends – that way we can copy you in on all our committee meeting minutes so that you can know what is planned and what has been discussed.

Please chat to one of our approachable Committee Members if you have any questions or comments, and particularly if you would like to be involved in any way – we are always in need of new members!

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