Welcome to Aft Class!

Aft Class is a New Entrant – Year One Class.

Aft have a class teddy bear. His name is Marmalade. He is a chef bear. Marmalade likes to cook and write in his diary. Aft kids all get a turn to take him home to have an adventure.

Aft kids love playing! Aft kids love playing together. They play Star Wars, families, kicking and bouncing the ball, fairies, and in the sandpit. They make new friends. They are kind: they are gentle, they share and take turns. They care about each other. 

Aft kids like learning how to:

  • read (especially BIG books, little books, and fairy tales)
  • write stories and spell tricky words,
  • dance to music (especially folk dancing)
  • count to huge numbers!
  • learn about different countries and languages (we learn Maori and Japanese)

Aft kids like making art and other things… they paint flowers, rainbows, portraits, telescopes, tea sets and lightsabers. They like learning about artists (like Klee). At the moment Aft kids are learning how to do Shibori (Japanese tie-dye).

The days are never long enough for Aft kids.

So many things

    to make

          and do

              and play

                   and learn

                        and be.

Miss T and Aft Class

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