Aft Class is a New Entrant & Year One Class

Miss T is our teacher. She loves teaching five and six year olds and helping them have the best fun start to school. Our classroom is called ‘Aft,’ which means the back of the boat. All of our classrooms are named after parts of a boat because we are so close to the sea!

A usual day in Aft Class includes: greeting each other, fitness, Discovery Time (learning through play), phonics, te reo, handwriting, story writing, maths, and reading. Friday is a bit different: we have assembly (with the whole school), rōpu house time, visual art, Kapa Haka and we go to the school library!

In Aft Class we have a class teddy bear! Our teddy bear loves going on adventures, having hugs, and playing and learning with us. We have a teddy bear diary to write and share about what we have done together.  

In Aft we love playing and love playing together. A big part of our morning is our Discovery Time where we learn through play! We play with blocks, marble runs, animals. We work together and create things.  We have huge imaginations! At break times we play puppies, families, kicking and bouncing the ball, fairies, and in the sandpit. We make new friends.  We are kind: we are gentle, we share and take turns. We care about each other!

In Aft, we like learning how to:

  • read (especially BIG books, little books, and fairy tales)
  • write stories and spell tricky words,
  • dance to music and move our bodies: we love Kapa Haka and PMP,
  • count to huge numbers,
  • learn about myths, legends, and languages!

In Aft we like making art and other things…we draw, paint, and collage our artworks. We like learning about artists and how they made art.  

The days are never long enough for Aft kids!

So many things

    to make

          and do

              and play

                   and learn

                        and be!

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