Athletics Skills

We have been working on our Athletics skills. For each event, we have learnt about some mnemonics that will help us remember what to do. Parents – ask us at home to show you what these look like!
  • High Jump – Curve your run up, count your steps, scissor kick.
  • Long Jump – Build your speed, don’t slow down, dip the hips – Jump off one foot, land on two (motorbike).
  • Quoits – chin-knee-toe, check your watch, make a bow (Power Stance), Let it go (The throw… shoulders square)
  • Vortex – Wide man, strong man, pointer man (the throwing stance), ‘La-dee-da’ (The run up)
  • Sprints – We have learnt about the ‘Running Progression’: ankling, calving, high knees and a full sprint. We are making a video that we will upload here to show you what these look like.