BNZ Closed for Good helps creating new Website

Closed for Good is BNZ’s annual day of volunteering. BNZ closes its stores and most of their support offices and get out into New Zealand communities to lend a hand. A team of six BNZ Technology people helped Roseneath School to create a new website. As this was a challenging task to be completed in one day, there was several weeks of preparation work from the school as well as from the BNZ team. BNZ managed to get the principle design in place while the teachers were collecting the content. On the day the different tasks were distributed around the team members  from taking pictures for the new page, collecting information about the school and getting the technology working. Several challenges with the web hosting partner caused delays in the creation of the page itself until the team made the call to change the hoster temporarily until the issues are resolved. The highlight of the day and for the school was in the afternoon. Detlef from BNZ organised  a team from SkyZone NZ to come onsite with a camera drone to take a short video shot from the school. All were excited about this and we got the whole school teaching outside at the great weather while the drone was flying around the school ground. In the evening the BNZ crew left, exhausted and happy what was achieved but unhappy that the new website couldn’t be completed as planned in the given time, mainly because of the technical issues in the morning. But all committed to work on getting this completed within the next days. The BNZ Team says thank you to the School and thank you to all children for having us onsite for the day and the great work and cooperation in getting your new Website in place.